DiDii System ©

The tool (an in-house unique computerized quality control system) that enables the Deanswood team to guarantee their quality of work and on-time installation.

DiDii means - Deanswood Interiors - Detail in Installation

The conceptual imagery of interior designers and architects is an integral part of their presentation in establishing new relationships with potential clients. It is only when the project is completed that their client's full appreciation of the beauty of their design can be expressed.

The DiDii System is unique to Deanswood. It is a homegrown computerised in-house installation process that kicks-in the minute an interior designer or architect appoints Deanswood to a project.

The flow diagram offers a complete explanation of how effective the computerized DiDii System© is at carrying out the all-important pre-installation checks and on-site completion of your concepts and design work.

DiDii is probably largely responsible for the continuing growth of our business and it's thanks to our clients who have embraced DiDii and our attitude to unstinting service that we continue to grow.

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