Vertical blinds

The combination of our large range of fabrics and the ability to tilt the louvers to any angle, makes Vertical blinds the most versatile for light control.

Ideal for wider windows, but the choice of two fabric widths either 127mm or 89mm, means they can be used at almost all sizes of windows. Vertical blinds can be stacked to the end of the window to allow an unrestricted view or can be used to gain privacy without losing too much light. All our systems have self-aligning louvers so the louvers will go back into position if accidentally knocked.

Our “Performance” range is an attractive range of flame retardant fabrics designed and developed for today’s contract market. Some of these fabrics have a solar Protective coating to filter and reflect light more effectively than conventional fabrics.

The ranges come with a choice of blackout, dim-out, translucent, and sunscreen to allow for the correct amount of sun screening or privacy required

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