Deanswood Your First Choice For Fabric Blinds

The most popular window dressings are Roman Blinds because they are generally the first choice of today’s interior designers.


However, that is not to say there are no other designs available for a modern room designer. Deanswood Interiors is pleased to be the manufacturer of five other blinds from which you may wish to choose to adorn your windows. 


Soft Fold Roman 

We have applied a delicate approach to the standard Roman Blind which delivers a softer result that is particularly suited to lighter fabrics, which naturally fold along the weft of the fabric. 

London Blind 

Similar to our Soft Roman Blinds. We include inverted pleats which give a swag effect with an option for drop tails. These are elegantly formal and yet casual. This type of blind is best suited to medium weight fabrics with soft fibres. 

Often used as a dress blind (not operational). 

Roll-Up Blind 

This is a blind that is perfect for bringing the charm of the outside indoors. This manner of window dressing can be embellished with a variety of trimmings and techniques that can be personalised to your taste.  (To get the best from our team please send us a sample of the fabric before proceeding). 

Staggered Roman (Cascade) 

A staggered blind when down can be seen as flat and when pleated can be called Cascade Roman Blind (see below).  A pleated effect can be used to display the beauty of the material.  This can also be used to make the window look taller. 


Austrian Blind 

The Austrian Blind appears to be a curtain when it is down, yet when it is up, looks as an Austrian Blind should and will enhance any window with its swags and tails. We can make the blind with a delicate scallop which will allow a more modern appearance on an older style. This blind is suited to most fabrics.